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Default Girl Bitten By Dolphin At SeaWorld

the wolves of the sea strike again !!!
don't believe all the propaganda about dolphins being intelligent and friendly. these creatures are blood thirsty beast that need to be exterminated ! killer whales got nothin on these guys.....


seriously though , the parents are over reacting a bit. i'd be more pissed over gettin hit by a smart ass shit flinging monkey...

when i was a kid (6th grade) there was a black bear in a cage at the city park. one of my classmates climbed under the chain link fence into the 3 ft or so buffer zone between the chainlink and the bars of the cage. he stuck his hand with a piece of chicken in it through the bars to the old bear. needless to say while going for the chicken , the morons hand also ended up in the bears mouth. the kid ended up with about 30 stitches , the bear ended up euthanized....
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