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Default Re: Game Notes From Against the Ravens

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
Saying he's only going to the ground to prevent more loss is bull, given that the two worst times he's done he had at least 2-4 yards clear ahead. He simply tried one gap, failed, and went to the ground. Yesterday was the worst, because it really looked in the replay like he stood there for a good second and a half looking around before flopping. Unacceptable.

I just really don't want to go into next year with only him and Redman as our #1 choice. That means every game our run gets shut down just by clogging the middle. The league is transitioning to speed, because of Goodell and his laws against physical play. Neither of these guys have that speed.

Regarding the trick play, Randel El throwing to Ward is a guy used to throwing passes hitting up our best possession receiver. A WR throwing a bomb to Dwyer, who was waddling his fastest and still couldn't get there, is very different, and silly.
Part of why it's a trick play is that Dwyer is the receiver. I'm pretty sure Todd Haley knows what he's doing.
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