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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
now you are just full of shit.

1. you didnt even glance at 500 pages of supposed "evidence". i dont know who you think you are kidding.

2. "several victims"??? the 2 accusers have been shown to be frauds and debunked, just like ed reed.

3. which "just one celebrity" are you talking about? kobe bryant or mike tyson? celebrity atheletes at top of their game are always succeptible to being targeted, especially if they swing their sausage areund indescretely.

hell even tiger woods' porn stars tried cashing in.

again, are you really this gullible or just jealous of people who win rings and get blowies in restrooms?

That is the length of the report of the 2 victims plus several eye witness accounts. I'm not going to google it for you. Not going to dignify the Reed comment, numbers talk, bullshit walks.

Oh sorry, three athletes. They should all go have a drink together. Surprised you didn't throw OJ in there.
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