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Default Re: Hines Ward does The Walking Dead

I had a whole thing typed up about last night's episode, but somehow I lost it. I really need to stop drinking during the Steelers games.

I've been meaning to post about this for quite some time, but kept forgetting about it. It drives me absolutely crazy that those people don't take proper blood and body fluid precautions. I guess all that gets thrown out the window during the zombie apocalypse, though.

Why, why, why won't Glen or Maggie kill Merle? The only thing I can think of is they haven't killed him out of respect for Daryl. Nothing else makes sense.

I was shocked, shocked I tell you, that Michone killed Penny, but so happy she stabbed the Governor in the eye with a shard of glass. The Governor is a coward. Running from the fight. Asshole.

I was impressed with Andrea and Michone respecting each other as female warriors.

Carl is becoming quite the little warrior himself.

Tyreese & Crew are now at the prison.

Rick saw "Shane." A little cuckoo still going on there.

The prisoner thought Carol was a lesbian because she had short hair.

That same prisoner hitting on 17 year old Beth.

Originally Posted by Killer
This is why they call me the prophet
Who calls you that?

So Daryl and Merle are in the arena with all those at Woodbury looking on. I agree that the Governor is setting it up as a Daryl and Merle showdown, and I also think the walkers he has will be involved. I also think those walkers will have teeth this time. However, I think that Daryl and Merle will come together and fight them off (blood is thicker than water), or Merle will be killed since he's such an asshole. But, really, I have . Just speculating.
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