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Default Re: The Steelers need to stick with the run, more.

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Over the past three games, the Steeler's defense has kept them in the game 'til the end. Even with the injury to Roethlisberger, we could still be talking about a record of 9-3, instead of 7-5.

The big problem is that the Steelers are not sticking with the run enough. They are opening up the offense, expecting things from Byron Leftwich, and later Charlie Batch that they are not efficient at doing. I mean, you can't expect Charlie Batch to complete passes, and throw the ball down-field as accurately as Ben Roethlisberger. A team has to adjust the passing game to suit the quarterback they have in there.
Now, if they would have run a strict ball-control offense in the first Ravens game, and then against the Browns, they wouldn't have turned the ball over as much, and they probably would have put more points on the board... at the same time keeping the opposing offense off the field longer.

Heck, if the Steelers would not have abandoned the run as much as they did in the Chiefs game, we might not be talking about a Roethlisberger injury at all. the ball more against the Browns?!!! The RB's couldn't hold on to the ball. How do you commit to the run when every back drops the ball?! I agree The Steelers should have run it more in the first Ravens game with Leftwich injured, but after the "Browns Dropsey Debacle", how could you trust it?!
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