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Haha...yes, I'm anti-fad. Everyone always calls for the backup. In 2010, I think, the official Steelers forums was jam packed with people wanting Leftwich to start over Ben. It's silly. It equally annoys me when people want to disregard Mendenhall's past performance because Dwyer had 2 good games. A healthy Mendy playing hard is 10 times the back Dwyer is.

Everyone is free to love their guy, though, and the current reality is that Tomlin isn't happy with Mendy, and Haley wasn't happy with Dwyer. Big shakeup next year, as we can't bring all these guys back. Mendy almost assuredly leaves, and we'll see how that turns out.
I don't disregard Mendenhall's past performance. He dropped the ball way too many times. The question is always, "What have you done for me lately?" Dwyer cannot be the "workhorse" because he gets winded too easily and does not have break away speed. The only back assured of being a Steeler next season is Rainey.
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