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Default Re: OK, purple browns or RAT BIRDS, where you at?

Originally Posted by Nevermore View Post
City.... if you actually READ the posts I was talking about, that is how the conversation started. A poster commented on why did Harbaugh challenge the play? I said it was stupid and it would have been nice to have that TO back. He said it wouldn't have been a factor. I said it would considering if we didn't waste them we likely would have gotten the ball back with some time.

It's not an excuse, its a fact of the game. I was criticizing Harbaugh for wasting TOs that we needed late.

Anything else you need me to sum up so you can understand it?
Yeah like I want to be like you and take the time to read every single post on this board seriously??? No thanks, I have a life, I have other things to do then waste my time reading your posts. I would rather watch paint dry, or watch a re run of Sesame Street, than read your posts bud....
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