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Default Re: The Steelers need to stick with the run, more.

How can you argue with anything that happened with the play call Sunday against the Rats? I wouldn't have changed anything. The RAts were stacking the crap out of the box and the big play to Heath wow. No room inside and Rainy sucked the D to the right and Miller had time to shave until a defender got to him.

The two biggest missed opportunities were passing plays. Wallace wide open and Sanders scores, NO DOUBT if he doesn't switch the ball to the outside arm. So that Stains game still had lasting effects here. Sanders doesn't worry about moving the ball to the other hand if they didn't turn it over so many times a week before.

Now, there was Dwyer's TD that was beautiful, but I wouldn't count on him hitting the edge and scoring very often. He obviously can do it, but it's not his strength.

Offensively, Haley had his guys ready and the execution was very good. Not sure the outcome is much different if Ben plays. Not saying Batch is better, but he played to Ben's level on that day.

I'm all for the run game, I love lining them up and pounding out 2-4yds especially when the D knows it's coming and they can't stop it. But we don't have that in our game, no matter how dedicated we are to the run. It will happen from time to time, but this isn't the 90's steelers with the Bus, I wish we had that game, but we don't.
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