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Default Re: Hines Ward does The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by Lady Steel View Post
I had a whole thing typed up about last night's episode, but somehow I lost it. I really need to stop drinking during the Steelers games.

so you're saying the Steelers drive you to drink?

I've been meaning to post about this for quite some time, but kept forgetting about it. It drives me absolutely crazy that those people don't take proper blood and body fluid precautions. I guess all that gets thrown out the window during the zombie apocalypse, though.

they are already infected with the virus or whatever, just don't get bit

Why, why, why won't Glen or Maggie kill Merle? The only thing I can think of is they haven't killed him out of respect for Daryl. Nothing else makes sense.

glenn had his chance, he got pounded, obvioulsy Maggie needs a stronger man to take care of her

I was shocked, shocked I tell you, that Michone killed Penny, but so happy she stabbed the Governor in the eye with a shard of glass. The Governor is a coward. Running from the fight. Asshole.

Andrea stopped Michonne from killing him - blame her

I was impressed with Andrea and Michone respecting each other as female warriors.

I never understand these lesbian love triangles, Andrea was pretty hot for Michonne for a time

Carl is becoming quite the little warrior himself.

he should just jump Beth's bones, he wants her bad

Rick saw "Shane." A little cuckoo still going on there.

he's cracked

The prisoner thought Carol was a lesbian because she had short hair.

that was hilarious

That same prisoner hitting on 17 year old Beth.

who wouldn't?

Who calls you that?

My flock

Well, they left us hanging, that's for show of the season and they saved it for last

walker bones for weapons, now that was cool....the bar fight between Michonne and the Guv was great too, all kinds of shit happening

have to wait till 10 Feb now

did you watch the Talking Dead - the director that made the episode was on...sounds like things are going to get really crazy, they showed some scenes from the next episode, our little group in the prison might need saving
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