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Default Re: big ben arrested in switzerland??????

Originally Posted by Suitanim
In the Iowa game his junior year, he was getting the crap kicked out him by possibly the best defense in college football that year, and he really only had Nance on the field with him. He took some chances, and made some bad decsions, but after each INT, he came back out and battled as hard or harder. Even when he was winging the ball all over the place in the NE AFCCG, he kept his composure and came back out and damn near brought the Steelers back...Hell, Plax catches that lobbed softball that my 85 year old grandmother could have snagged in the endzone and the Steelers were right back in the game.

Nerves. Of. Steel.
We talked about that Iowa game before and thats such a good point. That was the game that sold me on Ben Roethlisberger being an elite NFL QB one day. Ben has exceeded all my expectations of him so far in the NFL. Ben will only continue to improve.

Also so true about Plax in that AFC title game. What a waste of height and talent.
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