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Default Re: 10 reasons to like PITT over SD

Originally Posted by SoCalFan View Post

Linebacker Kevin Greene was so upset that he greeted reporters in the locker room still dressed in full uniform from a crawl position and tearfully shouted at them: "You . . . get out of my face."

Linebacker Greg Lloyd was so shocked that he sat alone on a bench in the Steelers' weight room looking down at the ground without talking for 20 minutes before joining his teammates in the locker room.

Ohhh the pain!
Technically, it was the 1994 AFCCG (played in January 1995).

I remember this, because I live in SD... and saw that game replayed over & over & over for FOURTEEN years (until PITT destroyed SD in the 2008 play-offs).

Likewise, any time that football was being discussed, someone would undoubtedly shout "Dennis Gibson!!!" Then, the chanting of his name would ensue... and someone would pop in the VHS tape of that game.

In other words: pathetic.

TEE: Did you see AP's run?
SDFAN: Dennis Gibson!!!
SDFAN#2: Pop in the tape of the greatest game ever.
TEE: :: shakes head::

Lastly, my lingering memory of that game is of two things:
1) Rod Woodson sitting on his helmet, averring, "I don't care what anyone says: they are NOT better than us."

2) Watching the SD fans rush down to the stadium, to greet the players whose names they could not even pronounce. SD fans are such bandwagoners.
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