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Default Re: Hines Ward does The Walking Dead

the offseason begins...

What do you mean I'm wrong? oh yeah? take that...

Man shoots girlfriend over 'Walking Dead' argument

Police say a Willston Park, New York, man shot his girlfriend in the back Monday following an argument about the AMC adaptation of The Walking Dead.

According to police, the argument escalated and even continued through text messages after Gelderman left the apartment to spend the night at her parents’ house. When Gelderman returned to try to smooth things over with her boyfriend, police allege he was sitting on the stairs with a .22-caliber rifle; a single round pierced her lung and diaphragm and shattered her ribs. Gurman was arrested when he took Gelderman to the hospital. She’s in stable condition with the bullet still in her body.

At Gurman's arraignment Tuesday his attorney, Edward L. Lieberman, entered a not guilty plea on behalf of his client, but outside court he acknowledged that Gurman unintentionally shot his girlfriend.

"The rifle went off accidentally," Lieberman said.

"I just know that he felt very adamant that there could be some type of military mishap that would result in some sort of virus or something being released that could cause terrible things to happen," Cote said.

Gelderman, Cote said, thought her boyfriend's belief was absurd.

"She felt that it was ridiculous," Cote said.

The argument escalated, police said, and Gelderman decided not to spend the night at Gurman's apartment and instead went to her parents' home.

Later, the two continued arguing through text messages, Cote said. Gelderman became concerned because Gurman had become so agitated, police said, and went to his apartment to try and calm him down

When Gelderman showed up, Gurman told police he was sitting on the stairs holding his rifle.

"She tried to defuse the situation and calm him down and told him, 'Let's just go to bed,' " Cote said.

Gurman pointed the rifle and fired one round into the middle of Gelderman's back as she climbed the stairs, police said.
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