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Default Re: Toughest competition?

Since the playoffs are shaping up, I'm going to do something different and rank each AFC team and the threat they bring to the postseason.

On a scale from 1-10 ranking each team as a threat:

1. Houston 8/10
2. Baltimore 5.5/10
3. New England 8.7/10
4. Denver 9/10
5. Indianapolis 6.5/10
6. Pittsburgh (without Ben) 5/10
7. Cincinnati 5/10

Point blank, when it comes down to it, if I'm any AFC team, I'm scared to absolute death of Denver and New England. I had the Pats at 8.5, but bumped them up close to the 9 I gave Denver only because I think if it DOES come down to it, I'd think it would be much tougher going to Denver in the post-season than it would New England, but that's just my quick observation.
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