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Default Re: Toughest competition?

Denver in Denver. No Ryan Clark puts us at a disadvantage right off the bat. A healthy Troy may help, but I still dread playing Denver in Denver. That said, I still think we can beat them.

The Patriots don't worry me. We handled them easily last year and I think we're a better team this year. The key will be having a healthy Harrison/Woodley combo on the field putting pressure on Brady and our improved secondary play.

Houston doesn't worry me until they can get over the playoff hump and win in the postseason.

The Rats are our bitches in the playoffs, period. They want none of us I assure you... no matter how much hot air they blow about wanting us. We will humiliate and destroy that team with a healthy Ben.

I'd love a shot at the Colts to shut Arians the fuck up. I think we kill that team given an opportunity.

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