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Default Re: Tomlin Harbaugh hand shake!

Originally Posted by GMU Steeler View Post
His numbers would be very close to Brady's if he hadn't missed the past three games. Plus as you point out, he doesn't play in a vertical offense like those other three QBs. I don't think it's unreasonable at all to suggest that Ben was having a MVP worthy season until he got hurt.
Wholeheartedly agree with you. However, I don't agree with comparing stats because stats don't tell the story. If we're going to be saying yards is the most important thing, Stafford, Romo and Brees would be leading the MVP voting.

MVP needs to go past just yardage and TDs. It's about how important a member is to a given team and we've seen how important Ben is to the Steelers over the last three weeks. Unfortunately, Ravens fans are comparing Ben's stats to Joey's - as if that's smart football. It's also a pathetic reach to make Joey in the same ballpark as Ben. He's not even in the parking lot of the ballpark that Ben is in, but hey, don't tell them that. They'll get butthurt and whine over it - something that is becoming the norm for that organization.

Right, Johnny?
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