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Default Re: Todd Haley's Pittsburgh Steelers offense continues to evolve

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
Exactly. That was one helluva play development and the perfect example of completey toying with Baltimore. We've been showing that screen for years now and it's one of those plays we show on film were teams know it's coming. Only a good coach that knows how to set it up and then ATTACK out of the same formations but different philosophies knows how to pull it off.

That was the difference maker in the "W" in Baltimore. The team had an unbelievable game plan and they rallied around it and believed it could work and Haley adjusted and called it accordingly.

Something I've NEVER seen Arians do not once.

I think this is one of the main differences between Arians' offense and Haley's-- Haley is more flexible on what plays he runs out of each formation.

Arians ran the bubble screens from the same trips bunch or 4 wide most of the time, while Haley will do that several times to set up something completely different out of the same formatio on the 4th time they line up like that.

We did toy with Baltimore in that game-- our offensive scheme never allowed them the chance to really play the aggressive defense they are used to running. Haley kept them guessing as to what was coming next, and they were never able to find any consistency.
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