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Default Re: Toughest competition?

Originally Posted by Quackjack View Post
For me,

1. Houston 6/10
2. Baltimore 6.5/10
3. New England 8.5/10
4. Denver 7.25/10
5. Indianapolis 2/10
6. Pittsburgh (with Ben 100%) 7/10
7. Cincinnati 5/10
what i think will playing ei

1 Houston
2 Denver
3 New England
4. Ravens
5. Steelers
6. Colts

Houston Denver and New England are Well roudnded teams that would be very good competition, Colts will probably get knocked out in the first round a along with Ravens

AFC champoionship, its really up in the air. Depends on the Seeding in the play offs. Houston is all around a great team, they like hey could take it all
Denver just keeps getting better I give the a good chance to make it..
New England is on fire but they tend to run the score up even after the other team is dejected', so the blow outs don't impress me THAT much there are other teams that could do that but dont

Houston is scary, might be the most rounnded team team in football
New England is always a threat, but this year they they've better of a defense.

Denver is exactly what it should be a good D and future hall of fammer perhaps, serious AFC contendors.

Now here is where it gets trickey
Steelers are 4 If they are healthy.

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