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Default Re: Adderall is perfromance enhancing?

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Well, there's no caffeine in Gatorade (just sugar)...but adderall is obviously a stronger stimulant than coffee. I can see it from the doctors perspective. It's basically like being coked up.

And Tony, read the article I posted. The doctor quoted there seems to believe that it could actually enhance physical performance as well.
no doubt. im sure lawrence taylors performance was enhanced when he was coked up on the field.

and im sure everyone has heard of the people all twacked out on PCP or meth, who get shot multiple times by cops, but still keep coming like zombies.

wes saunders was full of shit when he blamed his use on ADHD.

he was using it recreationally. its the new thing just like sizzurp "purple drank" was a few years ago.

most of these atheletes are full of shit when getting popped for it.

joe hayden is the only one ive heard so far (sirius radio- "Blitz" w/ adam shein) who owned up and said he was using it to help stay awake during meetings and get that extra lift.
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