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Default Re: American Horror Story - season 2

Santy Claus is a dick.

Sister Mary Eunice's Christmas tree ornaments. The way the Monsignor touched Sister Mary Eunice was creepy. What in the world is going on with him?

Frank praying over Grace and her opening her eyes and staring at him was scary. Aliens!

Sister Jude should have cut Sister Mary Eunice's throat when she had the chance. That doesn't sound very nice, huh?

Ew. Santy Clause bit off the intern/orderly/whoever he was's face.

Is it Tabu perfume? Dr. Arden's story about those ruby earrings and then Sister Mary Eunice putting them on grossed me out.

Lana vomiting and she hadn't eaten anything. Ut-oh.

Kit and pregnant Alma and pregnant Grace. Playa!

I really liked Frank. RIP.

Dr. Arden is a dirty rotten scoundrel. He duped me!

Kit saved Lana from Thredson. No evidence left in Thredson's house. Kit needs Thredson more than Lana does. They should have killed Thredson and ran away together. Lana told Thredson that one day she will bury him.

Thredson told Lana that her skin will be the start of a whole new Bloody Face. Yep. Thredson got that right.

Aliens came and took Grace away and scared the poop out of Dr. Arden.

Sister Jude got a good spankin' then stabbed Santy Claus.

Merry Christmas! .

I can't wait until next week. The previews looked fantastic.
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