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Default Re: American Horror Story - season 2

Originally Posted by Lady Steel View Post
Santy Claus is a dick.

ho ho ho

"You know the difference between that Santa Claus and me? He only comes once a year"

Sister Mary Eunice's Christmas tree ornaments. The way the Monsignor touched Sister Mary Eunice was creepy. What in the world is going on with him?

she's out of his league


hurry up already with that, if it's real

Dr. Arden's story about those ruby earrings and then Sister Mary Eunice putting them on grossed me out.

Nice earrings

Lana vomiting and she hadn't eaten anything. Ut-oh.

She's breeding something in the oven, it can't be good

Kit and pregnant Alma and pregnant Grace. Playa!

I'm thinking maybe Alma is gonna turn up alive

Sister Jude got a good spankin' then stabbed Santy Claus.

Dr. Arden is a dirty rotten scoundrel. He duped me!

Sister Jude got double-crossed, just when they had me wanting to believe, looks like she's gonna end up a patient now too, after Santa got through with her.

Thredson told Lana that her skin will be the start of a whole new Bloody Face. Yep. Thredson got that right.

She just can't shake the guy, he turns up know she reeeeealy wanted to kill him, damn you Kitt

I can't wait until next week. The previews looked fantastic.
best episode this season, a little ultra violence, and no black angel of death, they keep you guessing
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