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Originally Posted by ChristianKustomz View Post
I know, right? Finally I heard 98ROCK talking about it...well more like wining about Ray Rice this and Ray Rice that. Their almighty messiah. But they forget that we have always shut down RR. He's ineffective. However they couldn't just complain about it, nooooo. They had to bring in a sports guy to help keep things in perspective. What a bunch of sore losers but by god is it nice to here the ramblings, wining and complaining from the Ravens babies.
Umm. . . not to be bitter or make excuses, but Ray was getting 6.5 yards per carry and had a 34 yard TD run. Problem was he only got 13 carries. . . 0 in the fourth quarter.

Even your poster boy Dave Dameshek recognizes that was an issue.
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