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Originally Posted by ChristianKustomz View Post
Ahhh ha ha ha ha! I love it. Mmmm. Can you taste it... Oh the tears of insufferable sadness...mmmmm yummy...famous words by Eric Cartman.

I guess the next excuse is Flacco lost the game because he broke a nail, he had male PMS (Pretending to be a Macho Stud) and he didn't want to get his jersey dirty. Please. Baltimore had their 1st strings and still could'nt pull a win out. But here Pittsburgh is struggling through probably the most devastating season with injuries and we are still a AFC rival with only a few losses and utilizing 3rd string players with no help from our 1st strings who are out with injuries. Now THAT'S a championship team. THAT'S how you push through adversity. It's not how you start the race it's how you finish it.

Baltimore has no excuses. They can't pull out a real win EVER. Flacco gets desperate and throws hail Mary plays hoping for a pass interference call because he knows what we all know...he's all puffed out.

Ravens have 2 main players on their team Rice and Reed. Without them their team folds like origami. Look are the Steelers...even with our main players out we still pull out wins...that's what you call team work. Ravens always have and always will be in the shadow of Pittsburgh.
Let's play out the rest of the season before you start kissing your own ass.

Not as an excuse, but to refute your claim, Baltimore did not have their first stringers. Jimmy Smith, Lardarius Webb--our starting cornerbacks, Ed Dickson, Dannell Ellerbe (2nd in tackles), and Suggs went out during the game. So, you guys outplayed us for sure, but you weren't playing us at full strength (to borrow from the Steeler's famous excuse book).

Finally, you did not respond to my point about Rice and his 6.5 yards per carry, except to quote Cartman. You brought up how Ray was ineffective, and I showed you in one sentence he was not. Since you didn't have a response, you just trolled, so I am done with you . See you in January.
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