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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
and Ray makes sure the cameras are around every single fucking time he does something so "godly." How about some of these players make anonymous donations and keep their traps shut. In no way would I want any of my kids looking up to any of these guys. They can admire their skills on the field - but let's stop pretending they can relate to the common folk, or are real pillars of any community. When Joe Shmoe visits a hospital, donates a check even though he can't really afford to give a lot - are there articles about him, interviews with him? No. Ray Lewis needs to quit whoring in front of the camera and quit being such a pretender.

No one makes it to the NFL without an ego - but I'm getting tired of fans of any team having an orgasm over what guys do in the community. As far as Vick goes - he's vilified because he killed a living thing that doesn't have a voice, and no way to defend itself. There are plenty of people that would prefer dogs over human beings. Humans can be a lot uglier - which is why whatever Ray did is swept under the rug a little more easily IMO
well put fury

pillar of the community...hahahaha

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