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Default Re: Free Agents for next season!!!

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
I would bet my life on the fact the Steelers don't go NT in the first round. I'd also be willing to bet very large sums of money they don't go NT at all. Why? They wouldn't have kept around Ta'amu if they felt they could just replace him in the next draft - they think they have something with him. You also mentioned McClendon - and if he's able to play with any consistency from the flashes of brilliance he's shown, we'll be good at NT for a long, long time.

I love Matt Elam in the second round. That being said, he's a top 40 pick and we'd have to trade up to grab him. He plays a lot like Polamalu and I think other teams are seeing this fact, sadly.

While I disagree that we should keep Troy around, I think you're absolutely right in the fact that they keep him. However, even if they do, I'm not sold - and neither is Pittsburgh - on Will Allen being anything more than a spot-starter. We absolutely need to address Safety in the first two rounds - preferably the second. Grabbing an OLB in the first with all the talent in this draft to replace a guy like Harrison just makes sense at this point.

In this mock, we're picking at 21 based on Power Rankings. I know, Power Rankings mean absolute dick - I'd have us going at 32 which completely changes the dynamic of the draft. Anyway, here we go.

RD 1 - Dion Jordan / DE (ROLB for us) - Oregon

RD 2 - TJ McDonald / FS - USC

RD 3 - Robert Lester / SS - 'Bama

RD 4 - Nico Johnson / ILB - 'Bama

... and I haven't decided on the later rounds yet. Grabbing an OLB to me in the first round has to be priority. Worilds hasn't shown he can do anything as the weak side linebacker and we need to address it before it becomes a glaring hole. Woodley has had to fight through double - sometimes triple - teams this year and grabbing Jordan would ensure Woodley gets to the quarterback.

Other than our differing opinions on the first round, I think we're mostly together on what we need to address. I really like the Nico Johnson pick, too in the fourth round. If we end up with this kind of draft - look out. All of these kids could start week 1 next year, and we'd have one of the youngest defenses in the NFL from one draft.
I just don't see us taking Dion Jordan ... and please no TJ Mcdonald ... I could see them taking Anthony Barr OLB -UCLA or Brandon Jenkins OLB- FSU in the 2nd...

right now I could see it gone ...

Matt Elam - FS - Flordia/ Eric Reid - FS - LSU
Anthony Barr - OLB- UCLA / Brandon Jenkins - OLB - FSU
Phillip Thomas - SS - Fresno State / Duke Williams - SS - Nevada
Kevin Reddick , ILB, North Carolina / Omoregie Uzzi - OG - Georgia Tech

by the way I would put Rambo at 3rd but I just don't think he's there
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