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Default Re: Free Agents for next season!!!

Originally Posted by cbrunn View Post
Jordan is a first round pick for a 4-3 End ... JPP style ... not to sure about a 3-4 team, you seem to be sold though, i'll admit I haven't watched much of him to know how he does standing up

And McDonald is Taylor Mayes 2.0 ,,, big and fast but nothing else ... I just don't see instincts or knowledge with him, and at safety that's the most important thing... see Ryan Clark

Now I haven't watched any USC games... but I've watched clips of him on Youtube and not real impressed
Jordan isn't big enough to play DE in the NFL. He's 240 pounds and very lean. I can't see him putting on enough muscle to play DE. He does share very similar qualities to JPP in terms of speed and athleticism. However, he's more comparable to Aldon Smith in terms of his production, strength and potential. He'll be an OLB in a 3-4 defense where he fits best and I think the Steelers can get him if rushers fall again this year which I think is very likely. If the Power Rankings told true and the Steelers are picking at 21 (which I very much doubt) Jordan will be sitting on the board for them.

I haven't really watched a lot of USC games either, but I did watch the UCLA - USC game and I'll tell you that McDonald was the only thing that stood out to me on their defense. He showed great instincts and ball ability and forced UCLA to throw away from him and at their weak corners. I mean, he's raw - you're right - but I see something in him that actually does remind me a lot of Clark. I think he's worth the pick in the second / third round.
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