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Default Re: Music...sweet, sweet music

Originally Posted by BleedPurple View Post
Let's play out the rest of the season before you start kissing your own ass.

Not as an excuse, but to refute your claim, Baltimore did not have their first stringers. Jimmy Smith, Lardarius Webb--our starting cornerbacks, Ed Dickson, Dannell Ellerbe (2nd in tackles), and Suggs went out during the game. So, you guys outplayed us for sure, but you weren't playing us at full strength (to borrow from the Steeler's famous excuse book).

Finally, you did not respond to my point about Rice and his 6.5 yards per carry, except to quote Cartman. You brought up how Ray was ineffective, and I showed you in one sentence he was not. Since you didn't have a response, you just trolled, so I am done with you . See you in January.
Is it me or does this sound like more music? I actually think he's about to cry. Are you? Oh please do. We would all love that so much!

Ha ha ha...more Ravens crying because they come up second best again! Please keep wining and crying little Raven. I will drink your tears of sorrow. I love the sweet joy of the music of your complaints. Trolling? Nah just speaking truth. You might be done with me but our team is not done with you. Perhaps you should grab some cheese to go along with that wine. What sweet music it is to hear a Ravens fans heart crush under the weight of a true championship team. Ray Rice was shut down all night long. 6.5 does not compare to our worst. So our worst is your best an that's pretty sad.

Ha ha ha..sweet sweet music. Please cry some more. Steeles fans love the misery of a hurting Raven! Paybacks a €]*}>|+\!~*!
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