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Default Re: Ben Will Start Sunday

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Except when your QB is three weeks removed from having his aorta nearly punctured by one of his floating ribs....

The more pressure they can take off Ben's plate this week-- the better. Historically, he struggles a bit when returning from a major injury. Hopefully not this week.

They need to be able to run the ball. We need The Colon back and Pouncey playing where he belongs at C.
If there was any serious risk of reinjury, he wouldn't be playing. We can't run the ball like we're all asking and expecting to. We don't have a legitimate running back on this roster - period. I agree that it would be nice to run it, but I don't know if Dwyer is going to have any great success in doing so because he hasn't all year.

Agreed on Pouncey playing at C. People are acting like Colon has been playing poorly all year - he's actually played above our expectations.
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