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Default Re: King Goodell open to eliminating kickoffs

I personally hope someone tells Goodell to go pound sand. What's running, no contact with another player, no stripping the ball and no tackling. Better yet while they gracefully walk with the ball they are allow to lightly pimp slap the ball but any contact with the player is a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct and an automatic 15 yard penalty. Further more any yelling by the fans will be met with an immediate ejection from the stands due to the fact we don't want to intimidate the other players or give the QB's a headache. In fact they will line the field with pillows and put them all in nighties, replace the football with a cushion and play golden girls on the jumbotron.

Goodell should be....hmmm I probably shouldn't say that here but I think everyone is thinking the same thing. So much for football. I'm going back to hockey!
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