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Default Re: T. Suggs torn bicep

Originally Posted by ChristianKustomz View Post
Really? Suggs is an SOB. He's a ruthless and toothless beaver with no respect. Quite frankly I hope Suggs stays out. He plays hard yes but that doesn't make up for his piss poor attitude and venom spitting every chance he gets. Don't you watch the postgame interviews? He always has the worst most abusive things to say about the Steelers. Hell don't you remember the bounty he said was on Ward? I haven't forgot it. I personally think Suggs is a disgrace much like SUH from Detroit.

...nice guy? must be a RATBIRDS fans.
You do realize she was agreeing with a sarcastic comment, no?

And as far as Suggs and his post game comments and bravado, I liken him to a pro wrestler who talks shit to promote the "big fight". I don't believe Suggs believes most of what he says, he just does it to get a rise and increase the interest in the games between the Steelers and Ravens.

Suggs has also defended Steeler players in the past in regards to Roger Goodell's witch hunts against Harrison and others. I don't think he's as much of an ass as he portrays on TV. He's a carnival barker generating interest and prodding the best out of his teammates and opponents.

That doesn't mean I love the guy or I'm "a RATBIRDS fan". Just calling it as I see it.

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