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Originally Posted by BleedPurple View Post
Let's play out the rest of the season before you start kissing your own ass.

Not as an excuse, but to refute your claim, Baltimore did not have their first stringers. Jimmy Smith, Lardarius Webb--our starting cornerbacks, Ed Dickson, Dannell Ellerbe (2nd in tackles), and Suggs went out during the game. So, you guys outplayed us for sure, but you weren't playing us at full strength (to borrow from the Steeler's famous excuse book).

Finally, you did not respond to my point about Rice and his 6.5 yards per carry, except to quote Cartman. You brought up how Ray was ineffective, and I showed you in one sentence he was not. Since you didn't have a response, you just trolled, so I am done with you . See you in January.
Funny how when we brought up in the first game that we didn't have Ben behind center all of the Ravens trolls on here said "No excuses!" and we lost fair and square and now that the roles are reversed you bring up every guy on your roster that has a stubbed toe or is experiencing menstrual cramps and couldn't play.

Jimmy Smith sucks anyway so his loss is a moot point. Corey Graham has done just as much or more in a couple of games as his replacement than Smith has in a couple of years of sitting on the bench nursing his sore vagina most of the time. It's a joke to even bring that guy up at this point.

For every guy you just mentioned, we could match you with another to offset it. Losing a starting QB and then his 2nd string backup is waaaaaay more damaging to a team than any other couple of guys on the field. Tell me honestly how you think your team would fair if Flacco and Taylor went down and you had to rely on Dennis Dixon or somebody else against us in our house against Ben? I can tell you it would NOT turn out like it did for your team and you're fooling yourself if you believe your team could have pulled THAT off. Don't hate because our team nutted up and schooled yours.

I wave my private parts at your aunties, you heaving lot of second-hand electric donkey bottom biters.
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