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Default Re: Willie Colon Says Terrell Suggs Responsible For His Knee Injury

Originally Posted by WVABE View Post
Throwing your body at someones knees or lower legs is just plain ole pussified football. If a player can't handle their opponent, replace his ass or put him on someone else. Suggs didn't like it when Quinn got him and got fined so in what stage of retardedness do you have to be to do it to someone else.
i guess it really depends, but when I played football in HS, I did a lot of that. Of course I used to weigh 150 lbs and sometimes there'd be some big boys pulling on blocks that outweighed me by almost 100 lbs. Taking them head on would have been a suicide mission, I did whatever I could to stop the play from developing when I needed to, even if it was playing dirty. It was a legal play by suggs, it was within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. If he did it out in the open field, then that's for sure a flag
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