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Default Terrell Suggs surrenders firearms and gets married

Terrell Suggs surrenders firearms
Updated: December 7, 2012, 11:55 AM ET news services

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs had to surrender several firearms stemming from a domestic case involving his girlfriend, Suggs' attorney told the Baltimore Sun on Thursday.

Warren Alperstein told the Sun that Candace Williams, Suggs' longtime girlfriend and mother of his two children, filed a court order in November, but Alperstein declined to provide further details.

"The guns were surrendered over to police pursuant to the court order, and they (Suggs and Williams) are resolving their issues," Alperstein told the Sun. "All I can tell you is that he's in rightful and lawful possession of the guns but turned them over pursuant to the requirements of the law."

Court records indicate Suggs filed a custody complaint against Williams on Nov. 19, and that Williams filed her complaint after that, Alperstein told the Sun.

Two 911 calls were received from Suggs' address on Nov. 21, but did not yield any reports, Baltimore County police told the Sun.

The Ravens organization and Suggs both declined comment, according to the newspaper.

The Suggs news comes less than a week after Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher fatally shot his girlfriend shortly before killing himself with a gun in front of his coach and general manager at Arrowhead Stadium.

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