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Default Re: Toughest competition?

I must have been trashed when I made my earlier posts on this thread because I don't remember posting and some of them don't make sense. Denver is our toughest competition especially if we have to play there. One thing I have noticed about teams "like" New England is we tend to turn it into "our kind of game" we don't let them score 45 points and it ends up being a low scoring game which ultimately ends up in our favor. The Broncos are really looking good this year. If the steelers are 100% healthy, I still think the Broncos have the edge over us. That's it though. We're getting ben back, I'd bet the farm on beating San Diego this weekend, and once we get our record up to 8-5 everyone will have us up near the top in the "power rankings" again. Seeing our favorable schedule the rest of the way I could see us 11-5 and a 5 seed going into the play offs.
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