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Default Re: Onwards and Upwards: Chargers

Originally Posted by steelax04 View Post
When did they fire him?
I live in SD, and the local newspaper guy (Kevin Acee) wrote an article, citing an "inside" source. He stated that Dean Spanos's son would take over as the GM after the season.

Dean, obviously, denies it.

The local radio guys are saying, as we all know in SD, that Acee is not a headlines hound, nor a rumor-mill. He usually reports what he actually has heard (credibility). The radio guys are basically guessing that Dean had told his son, who told a few other people, and while they were trying to keep it "quiet", someone found out... and told Acee.

Now, if this had been Nick Canepa who wrote it, I would say that it is 100% true. Not because I like Canepa better and/or I trust him more; it is because Canepa is AJ's lapdog. Just this Monday, Canepa wrote an article about how AJ is NOT to blame... blah, blah, blah... Thus, as soon as Canepa "has" to write that AJ is being fired, then we will know it is finally no longer a rumor (because, Canepa will no longer be able to apologize for "his guy").

REGARDLESS, it is probably weighing on Norv's mind... because, the papaers, TV, and radio are all discussing it... and everyone (except Canepa) agrees: good riddance!!!
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