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Default Re: Suggs surrenders his guns

Thanks 5.0. I didn't realize this would belong in the general football section. I spend most of my time in this section so my bad. Maybe one of the mods could move this to the appropriate section for me.

To the other responses: yes it may be jumping the gun but this isn't a first for Suggs and looking at his personality, his aggressiveness and overall attitude it wouldn't surprise me if he did do it. There is nothing nice about him. Everything he does is with selfish motives or is about publicity or money. He even said it himself. So I have no respect for that phony. He is disrespectful and just a dbag as someone put it.

Yeah Harrison hurt but he's with us so how hard can we be on the guy. (double standard...yes)

Overall they players have a ton of money and can buy the best attorneys who can fanegal their way out of most things or plee bargain amazingly. Most players are guilty they just get off on technicalities. Look at Ray Lewis. I know many will disagree with me but I still think the man was guilty and found an OJ Simpson jury. However I could be wrong. That's why they are called opinions. I just particularly spelliminate Suggs.
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