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Default Re: Plaxico Burress?

What's the point of hiring someone if we are not going to use them or utilize their talents? Isnt that much like buying a brand new car (or a used RollsRoyce in this case) and just parking it in the garage? What's the point? Go out and drive it. Enjoy it. It might be used but it's as good of a car as the day it drove off the show room floor. Plexi is still good he's just a bit rusty. More plays and more practice means more tight skill playing. So why did we hire him if we aren't going to play him?

I say play him and let him shake the dust off the pads and out some turf, sweat and blood on em. Get that jersey scuffed with Ravens gut and torn from him playing his heart out...I think I feel a song coming on...
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