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Default Re: Plaxico Burress?

I think he can really make a difference for this team if used correctly. Plax is a tall WR and could really tear up the middle with his veteran route running and jump ball capabilities. If Wallace and Brown are on the field then the defense is already having to account for their tremendous speed, so are there many defenses that can cover speed and a 6'5 WR who runs routes well? Probably not. And in the red zone, he and Miller would really give the defense fits. In fact if I was within 5 yards of the goal line I would play Miller, Plax, and Pope. Two guys that are 6'5 and another that's 6'10...who's going to be able to blanket 3 guys like that? Who knows, maybe I play too much Madden, but I just think Plax's size and veteran route running adds a new dynamic to the WR corps and should be capitalized on.
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