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Default Re: Plaxico Burress?

Originally Posted by harrison'samonster View Post
well, I think the Steelers just wanted a WR with playoff experience on their roster. What is it with you and the age of 35? Between this thread and the one about Harrison getting back to form, you sound like you're advocating some team rule against players turning 35. You know Batch is 38 don't you? Between Batch and Harrison, I think we got our money's worth seeing the Ravens get beat at home and keeping our playoff hopes alive.

Nobody's throwing a parade for Plex, or expecting him to be a star on this team. He's here as a back-up, probably looking to move on in the offseason.
I have been a Steeler Fan for many years...We stayed on top by replacing older vets with younger upcoming players. It was the norm, it happened time after time with great players who sometimes were not yet declining but soon would.

At one time the team was in the same situation it is now with receivers, who to sign, how much and how long...Plax or Hines Ward. Then it became clear, Plax was lazy and gave half efforts in times of need.

35 is just a number, could be 32, 36, 37 depending on the player and position. Batch is a QB, Quarterbacks play longer.

Plax could not hold Harrisons jockstrap as a player. Harrison gives 100% every play. without the high cap number, James is back without a doubt.

My whole issue with Burress is that we signed a thug. If the Bengals would have signed him, everybody on this board would have berated them for it. So now we will have to live with that as an organization. If he becomes a force, maybe it was worth it. If he does not, We still signed a player that will be associated with us for years to come.
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