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Default Re: King Goodell open to eliminating kickoffs

Under Goodell's proposed rule change, a team, starting the half with 4th, and 15, at their own 30 could, possibly, maintain possession of the ball for that entire half, without letting the opposing offense on the field. The possibility of maintaining possession of the ball at the beginning of a half, or after a score would change the complexion of the game. Teams would be working overtime, coming up with special plays, special players, and strategies to get that 1st down. And, what if, at a crucial point in a game, after a team has just scored, they have 4th, and 15 on their own 30, and there's a defensive penalty that gives them a 1st down. How unfair, and frustrating would that be for the opposing team?
I can understand Goodell's campaign against extreme helmet-to-helmet hits, but this proposed rule change is ridicules
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