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Default Re: Free Agents for next season!!!

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
TA'AMU: That's great news, because I really liked that guy. I remember sitting in a sports bar with my brother-in-law, and he was (& still is) saying that Casey the Hutt is still awesome... and I pointed to the screen, where Ta'amu was blowing up a run play, 5 yards deep in the backfield, and I said, "I want him."

Then, he got injured. Then he dropped in the draft. And, the Steelers got a steal in R4. [Brian Baldinger, on NFL Network, called him the steal if the draft.]

Anyway, it makes me happy that they brought him back.

ELAM: How selfish of him to have a great season, & rise in the draft. Next time, Mr. Elam, why don't you think about someone else besides yourself... (namely: me).

All joking aside, if NT is solid (which it should be with McClendon and/or Ta'amu), then I'm leaning towards "reaching" (if one can really call it that) for Elam at 32.

OLB: I agree that a pass rush is needed. I long for the days of Greg Lloyd, Joey Porter, and James Harrison (circa 2008). Mosley, Jordan, or Ogletree would be great additions... but, I don't want to trade up too far. Maybe from 32 to 25, for a R4 pick... eh... hmmm... let me think about that one.. [I think Montgomery goes way higher/too high to realistically draft up for.]
There's going to be a change in philosophy when it comes to the defensive line. When we have guys like Ta'amu and McClendon that are capable of blowing up an offensive line like these two are - wow. Our philosophy should be less "eat blockers" and more "get in the backfield. now." and these guys are the real deal. He disappointed in the preseason, but another offseason for Alameda will be great. Under the veteran leadership of our guys and his dedication to improve, he'll be our guy soon.

Elam at 32 would be terrific, despite his selfish qualities.

Montgomery has been plummeting down the boards since early in the season. He won't be there at 32 - not even close, but I would be very confident in saying he'd be there at 21. His criticism (often unwarranted and completely misplaced) has caused him to drop. If he's there at 21, he's the only guy I take over Jordan at that point.

Montgomery / Jordan (ROLB) - Johnson / Timmons (ILB) - Woodley (LOLB)

... Those guys get me as excited as Lloyd, Joey and James did.
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