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Default Re: Tico's Wk 14 Picks. Now with extra Gary Busey.

Originally Posted by Lady Steel View Post
Tico picked the wrong team in last week's Steelers/Ravens game, one of the biggest rivalries in the NFL and the biggest game for the Steelers thus far this year. That game was HUGE.

Let me refresh you on what he said about last week's game:

Now, Tico makes game picks. It's what he does. He claims he is a STEELERS dog. Did he come back here this week with his tail between his legs apologizing to Steelers fans because he didn't believe and own that he picked incorrectly on the biggest rivalry and game of the year? No.

He's not funny. I would much rather watch Tony Hipchest get on DoctorCAD's last damn nerve in a game day thread. Now that's some funny shit.

If Tico wants me on his good side, he needs to own his shit. Haven't seen it, thus, he's a fraud in my book and can GTFO.

There. I said it and I own it. I feel so much better.
I read the highlighted part as: "If Tico wants me on his good side, he needs to eat his own shit.", and then I thought "How is that a punishment? He licks his own asshole all the time." and re-read it.

I wave my private parts at your aunties, you heaving lot of second-hand electric donkey bottom biters.
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