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Default Re: We don't deserve the playoffs

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Oh, look. The Bengals and Ravens lost. So, this game meant exactly 0 in terms of us losing. Would it have been better to win? Absolutely. Are we all Steelers fans again and be very optimistic? Some of you guys are unreal.

Ben threw a pick - cut him. Everything bad that has happened to the Steelers in the history of the organization is Tomlin's fault, and Dwyer is a legitimate running back. Sounds about right.
Care factor ZERO. When you are counting on other teams to lose to help you get into the play offs this early you are already done. This team will get destroyed by the Texans, new england and probably Denver or any real SB contender. They might be able to compete and maybe even win 1 game with those teams but never two in a row. Forget it, it aint happening.
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