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Default Re: We don't deserve the playoffs

Originally Posted by ChristianKustomz View Post
I have had enough of this Steelers franchise, coaches and players.

I do blame Tomlin for quite a bit here. The buck stops with him. I'm tired of the same interviews "well we take responsibility for this game. It's our bad. Ummm you know the standard is the standard and we'll just have to go back to basics because ummm well the standard is the standard" etc.!

Fire Todd Haley, get rid of that worthless, overpaid spider monkey Wallace who couldn't even catch a cold, fire Mendenhall, fire Leftwich and possibly keep Batch. As much as I can't stand the guy he played a hell of a lot better then Big Ben.

Do we deserve the playoffs? I agree with the OP. It would be nice to be champs again but I dont see that happening with our team playing like a bunch of retards eating an icecreme cone. We do not deserve it the way they have been playing. You can win championships with turnover after turnover after turnover; or penalties; or fumbles; or dropped passes; or special teams lost yards etc.

I live Ben but I think he just needs to sit these out.

Dude how many coronas did you have and you forgot FIRE the water boy!!!
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