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Default Re: The Steelers, playoff caliber?

The only way Tomlin leaves this team in the next 3-5 years is if he steps down on his own. Just not going to happen with this organization. One reason is there is a lot to be said for continuity in the NFL, Steelers FO does not make rash and knee jerk decisions. We let other teams make those kind of snap judgments. Second they have been around the league long enough to know you are not going to win every game, or make the playoffs every year. This team has some guys who are past their prime, and we have young guys that we have not even had a chance to see what they can do (DeCastro and Spence come to mind) we have guys that are just getting their chance and are looking very promising (Lewis and Cortez) Lets play out the season and see what they can do and still hope they can hot, not going to be easy, but it could happen.
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