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Default Re: Tomlin on why he didn't go for a 2pt-conversion

Originally Posted by FacemeIke View Post
You can't say it was because the game was over and then in the same breath say "we are competitors" and leave your QB in the game after he just missed three weeks with an injury. By leaving Ben in the game it shows me that Tomlin thought there was at least a marginal chance of winning the game. His reason for not going for two therefore makes no sense.

Anyways, he's never said it was because he thought the game was over. He's basically saying that he didn't want to show his two point conversion plays in a game where it might not make a difference. He wanted to save them for a better opportunity. All he is doing by saying that is saving face because we could have used any play in the playbook to at least make an effort for the 2 and saved the "A+" plays for another time later in the season.
So what counts as a "better opportunity?" If the Steelers and Ravens both finish 10-6, but Baltimore gets the division based off tie-breakers and the Steelers have to go to New England or Denver in the first round, will we look back and say "that might have been an opportunity to run some 2 pt-conversion plays?"
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