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Default Re: Tomlin on why he didn't go for a 2pt-conversion

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
Yes, we play that same rule when we play Madden, too. Mandatory conversions, no punting on 4th downs.
Lets do some math:

After Wallace's second TD, the score is 34-16. Kicking an extra point makes it 34-17, which is still a 3 possession game. Keep in mind, Tomlin said the Steelers are "competitors." Getting a two-point conversion makes it 34-18, which makes it a two possession game. If the Steelers would have gotten a two-point conversion after the Brown TD, it would have been 34-26, which is only a one possession lead. At that point there was 58 seconds left in the game. The Steelers, being the "competitors" that they are, could've gone for an on-side kick. Had they recovered the on-side kick, they may have had time to get the TD and game-tying two-point conversion, thus making it 34-34.

Obviously, two-point conversions and on-side kicks are no certainty. But the Steelers are "competitors." Don't competitors do everything they can to win a game? Or do they concede and not try to narrow the point deficit, but still keep Ben in the game?
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