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Default Re: Three Areas of Concern, and the X-Factor!

I thought the OP did a fine job of pointing out what he feels are some points that need to be addressed. I also feel the OL is not what it needs to be but better than the last three years,( only because we added a prospect like Pouncey). Injuries have hurt the chemistry of the line not to mention we lost #1 pick DeCastro. I think we have some good "change of pace" RB, but if Mendy is not going to be the man then we need to look at adding a quality back next year. DL is something I questioned last year, but as you point out it is not just DL but pass rush all together. The pass rush was not horrible today, but I felt considering the Chargers had mostly replacements on the line we should of done a much better job of harassing Rivers. On another note I did not see separation of our WR and defensive secondary, most times Ben had to either hold the ball or try to thread very tight openings. A pretty dismal showing today.
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