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Default Re: Three Areas of Concern, and the X-Factor!

I agree that their are 3 issues but I think mone are a little different. Mine are, in no particular order: Herat, discipline and focus. Most of the team. And all of those things seem to be lacking at different times. In weeks where they show heart, ie the Baltimore game, they win. In other games they just don't come to play. ANYTIME this season against a sub 500 ball club, they don't look focused or disciplined. Not sure how you fix that except leadership and al of teh "vocal" leaders are gone. Hines/Farrior. Troy and James are GREAT players but not vocal and when neither are playing like Super stars, teh whole team follows suit. Just my opinion but something major is lacking and it's not just talent unfortunately. So damned dissappointed today!
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