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Default Re: 2 Pts Safety Instead of 7..........

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
those wr screens are always behind the line of scrimmage. thats why the receiver takes a step BACK to receive them. heath miller got blown up on the line and his ass was pushed back into the passing lane.

if it were called a forward pass (as much as i wish it were) it would have been the wrong call.

but to answer this thread....

shit happens. brown looked like he wanted to pick the ball up and either run it out, or throw it away.

it certainly wasnt his plan to give up 7 instead of 2.

other than a bad call at a bad time, antonio not falling on the ball or kicking it out of bounds cant be blamed on the coaches. thats on the player there.
I think it was Paulson and not Miller that got his ass pushed back
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