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Default Re: Is it time to start Mendenhall?

Originally Posted by casteeler View Post
Dwyer runs like a Steeler. The offensive line needs to get healthy and find some continuity,Mendy not needed.Once Decastro and Colon are back the running game will come around
This is everything that's wrong with the Steelers right now. What does this even mean? He's a one-dimensional, smash mouth runner that can only run up the middle and if that's not open he's ineffective? Maybe it's time to branch away from getting "the next Bettis" and move on to a different style of runner. It's time to change our ideology on running backs - let's look to the next AP and not an overweight, ineffective and out of shape running back like Dwyer and Redman are.

Look at the most successful running backs in the NFL right now - Foster, Forte and Peterson. Are they at all smash mouth runners? This isn't 2005. In this new NFL that's pass happy and based on speed and agility, grabbing a running back that can bounce it outside and still have the strength to run through guys is the new norm. We have to stop looking to the past and look to the future in terms of running backs - we don't have another Bettis. We don't want another Bettis.
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